Mati Klarwein “Bavarian Angel” (1970) | Color in Motion 330 | Art & Photography

Mati Klarwein “Bavarian Angel” (1970) | Color in Motion 330 | Art & Photography Mati Kalwein’s “Bavarian Angel” was created using the Mische Technique (layers of oil and tempera on primed canvas) and it’s a piece of work that goes beyond the definition of beauty. The Jimi Hendrix of the art world, Mati Klarwein was a true genius with a paint brush.1970 … Continue reading

Ethan Murrow’s Graphite Drawings | Color in Motion 321 | Art & Photography

Ethan Murrow’s Graphite Drawings | Color in Motion 321 | Art & Photography It doesn’t take an art critic to instantly recognize the marvelous state of beauty in the graphite works of Ethan Murrow. It’s incredible thinking of how these graphite drawings were imagined conceptually before creation and then gazing into the application of his vision into what we … Continue reading

Surrealist illustrations from Oriana Fenwick | CiM 303


From Hi! I am Oriana Fenwick, student of Illustration at the Hochschule für Gestalltung in Offenbach, Germany. I have been living and working in Frankfurt since 2000 after having grown up in Harare, Zimbabwe. My work is and always has been greatly influenced by my fascination of the human form (ask my parents, who were unfortunate enough to … Continue reading

2013 collection from mixed-media artist Seungyea Park | CiM 302


Mind bending surrealist works from Korean multi-media artist Seungyea Park. Park describes her work as a study of fear. The artist refers to the condition of “monstrousness” — when people make enemies out of one another due to a fear of the unknown. She regards fear as the avoidance of something nonexistent, adding “I make … Continue reading

Surrealist painter Agim Meta | CiM 298

Surrealist painter Agim Meta is carrying the torch for modern surrealism, capturing concepts that extend from the platform of the genres foundations into the symbolism of todays cultural movements. Simply brilliant.

‘Burnouts’ B&W Photo Series from Andrew Barsoum | CiM 294

Diving into the world of photography with our next “Color in Motion” feature, we take a look at the latest official print releases in the Burnouts set from Inland Empire photographer, designer and curator Andrew Barsoum. As a fan of both digital and analog mediums, his Burnouts photography takes on an otherworldly and surreal affect … Continue reading

Surrealist artist Wilfredo Lam’s 1947 oil painting Nativité | CiM 278

Color in Motion 278 Wlfredo Lam Nativité 1947 From Wifredo Lam moved to Paris in 1938, where he came into contact with the Surrealist group. He returned to the Caribbean at the beginning of World War II, with André Breton, Claude Lévi-Strauss and Victor Serge, and other members of the group. In 1941 he … Continue reading

Jeffrey Harp “Victorian Surrealism” | CiM 263

Bio from the official website of Jeffrey Harp I like toys, the Occult, antique photos, comics and horror. These pages are under heavy construction. In the meantime you can find any other work here.

Larry Carlson “Marvels by Paradise Sea” | CiM 260

Color in Motion Volume 260 Larry Carlson Marvels Paradise Sea c-print, 45x55in., 2013

Dan Hillier | Color in Motion 248

Dan Hillier (1973) is an english artist, whose graphic work is the result of combining Victorian woodcuts with elements of surrealism, hybrid beings which are a perfect distortion of reality. As he points out, his illustrations are mostly influenced by german artist, pioneer of Dada and Surrealism, Max Ernst. Among other of his influences are … Continue reading

M.C. Escher ‘Drawing Hands’ 1948 | Color in Motion 232

M.C. Escher ‘Drawing Hands’ Lithograph, 1948 28.2 cm × 33.2 cm (11.1 in × 13.1 in)

Alexandra Grant, Mark Licari and Stas Orlovski present Drawing Surrealism @ LACMA Oct 21, 2012 – Jan 6, 2013 | Art News

The following exhibition at the prestigious Los Angeles County Museum of Art has been running since October and is something that we feel anyone who is in the area and has been following what we are presenting will absolutely love. Full details below on this trio show from current rising artists in the field of … Continue reading


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