Squarepusher Announces New Warp Records Full-Length Damogen Furies + Free Download of Rayc Fire 2 | Music News

Squarepusher Announces New Warp Records Full-Length Damogen Furies + Free Download of Rayc Fire 2 | Music News by Erik Otis Squarepusher has innovated the way electronic music has unfolded and expanded since his 1996 debut LP Feed Me Weird Things, ushering in a technically jaw dropping and creatively timeless display of drum ‘n’ bass, … Continue reading

Noise Met Sound’s Lawrence Lindell Drops New Single “Baobab” | Music News

Noise Met Sound’s Lawrence Lindell Drops New Single “Baobab” | Music News by Erik Otis I’ve been plugged into the music of California based multi-instrumentalist Lawrence Lindell for a little over a year now and it’s been one of the most refreshing bodies of work to experience amongst creators in my home state. 2013’s Life … Continue reading

Squarepusher and Z-MACHINES prepare to release ‘Music For Robots’ April 7th via Warp Records | Music news

Squarepusher & Z-Machines – Music For Robots – Warp Records (2014) Squarepusher and Z-MACHINES prepare to release Music For Robots In the world of experimental electronic music, Squarepusher isn’t just a notable name, he is one of the most iconic forces to ever work in the spectrum. With the help of Warp Records, he has … Continue reading

Astrobal releases music video for “Nostalghia / FM2030″ created by David Chambriard | Official Music Video

From Astrobal’s “Nostalghia / FM2030″ Official Music Video Astrobal shares Official Music Video for “Nostalghia / FM2030″ Astrobal has definitely charted new territory in the relationship between man and machine. Two years after the release of his debut EP for Plug Research, Poetry & Science-Ficiton, the man/machine returned with an astonishing EP entitled Record Me Machine, to … Continue reading

Q&A with Lawrence Lindell of Noise met Sound | Interview Features

In an era where electronic music takes a seat as one of the most sought after sounds for new generations of musicians, it’s fascinating to see all of its complex shapes and results extend into different pockets of the world. Lawrence Lindell of Los Angeles is an artist that falls into the realm of the … Continue reading

Squarepusher ‘Ufabulum’ remix competition announced today | Music News

Bring your best, this is an exciting competition to take part in. http://squarepusher.net/

Squarepusher “Ufabulum” Warp Records

English born musician Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher unveils his new creation in Ufabulum with London’s Warp Records. More than a dozen full length albums and scores of ep’s and singles later and Squarepusher has come back full circle with Ufabulum, giving the world of ten tracks of classic Squarepusher electronica that will blast out speakers … Continue reading

Squarepusher ‘Dark Steering’ taken from forthcoming album ”Ufabulumout”

From Warp Records / warp.net http://warp.net/squarepusher Pre-order Ufabulum at Bleep https://bleep.com/release/35051 Music and LED visuals by Tom Jenkinson Camera Direction and Editing by Rollo Jackson Director of Photography Carl Burke Squarepusher on Dark Steering: “For a while I had apocalyptic nightmares about trails of nuclear missiles in the night sky. So I aimed to recreate … Continue reading


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