Bosnian Rainbows Live at Clouds Hill (Full Pro-Shot HD Concert) | Music News

Bosnian Rainbows Performing At @ Secret Show in Croatia Bosnian Rainbows Live at Clouds Hill (Full Pro-Shot HD Concert) | Music News Bosnian Rainbows are one of the worlds leading experimental rock bands, releasing the self-titled full length last year to critical acclaim. Teri Gender Bender, Deantoni Parks, Omar Rodriguez Lopez and Nicci Kasper come from … Continue reading

Antemasque announces debut US Tour with special guest Le Butcherettes | Music News

Antemasque announces debut US Tour with special guest Le Butcherettes | Music News The formation of Antemasque came out of nowhere this year, bringing long time collaborators Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala back together once again. News spread fast about the official break up of prog-punk band The Mars Volta and both music titans immediately went … Continue reading

Kimono Kult streams first single “Todo Menos El Dolor” | Music News

Kimono Kult received the red carpet treatment in January with the music premiere of their first single “Todo Menos El Dolor” via Rolling Stone. Three women and three men from very different arenas of rocks current progressive state, they have joined forces for something powerfully raw and unique. The state of fusion on the new … Continue reading

Nicole Turley, John Frusciante, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Teri Gender Bender, Laena Geronimo and Dante White form Kimono Kult | Music News

Nicole Turley has been fusing modes of sound in a way that is all her own and the level of quality in her output has always been at the top. Through the various projects she has become known for, Swahili Blonde has been her main vehicle of expression over the last few years and the … Continue reading

Tonia Reeh releases new LP ‘Flight Of The Stupid’ with guest apperances from Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Jakobus Siebels and Mense Reents | Music News

The elusive Tonia Reeh has released her new album Flight Of The Stupid with the Europe based Cloud Hills, featuring label mate Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of Bosnian Rainbows along with Jakobus Siebels and Mense Reents of Die Vögel. The new LP, CD and digital release was launched this week and is a very interesting fusion between acoustic … Continue reading

Listen to unreleased B-Sides from The Mars Volta | Music News

Artwork from Sonny Kay The Mars Volta reigned supreme for over a decade, crossing the globe with mind bending tours and album after album of some of the most forward thinking rock music of the 21st century. Like anything that was as raw and in the moment as The Mars Volta, climaxes turn into eventual … Continue reading

Omar Rodríguez-López ‘¿Sólo Extraño?’ Rodriguez Lopez Productions | Album Review

In the span of 8 years, multi-instrumentalist Omar Rodríguez-López has accumulated a comprehensive archive of some of the most ambitious and exploratory sounds of the 21st century under his solo ventures. This archival trail has been supplied with foot notes the entire way, detailing specific instrumentation, recording studios utilized and personnel commissioned for the projects … Continue reading

Omar Rodriguez Lopez drops his next solo album ‘¿Sólo Extraño?’ | Music News

Moving outside of the confinements of pr planning and other entrapping mechanisms to the release of material, singer songwriter Omar Rodriguez Lopez has been launching a plethora of digital records over the last few years without any previous announcements. The albums show up on Bandcamp and news finds its way through the extensive network that … Continue reading

Omar Rodriguez Lopez ‘Equinox’ | RLP and Sargent House

December 2012 was an interesting time for this world and Omar Rodriguez Lopez let loose three offerings of his musical offspring in the month that prove to be some of his most experimental and borderline psychotic records to date. Unlike the bulk of his solo releases over the last decade, these albums come with no … Continue reading

The Sentimental Engine Slayer from director Omar Rodríguez-López now available for pre-order | Film News

In 2010, multi-instrumentalist Omar Rodríguez-López embarked on his first official film release with the full length feature The Sentimental Engine Slayer. First premiering at the illustrious International Film Festival Rotterdam, I was really impressed by how the film made me feel and the type of social situations it touched upon. With Omar Rodríguez-López playing the … Continue reading

RLP and SH reissue “Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante” on CD and LP | Music News

The Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante collaboration record has been one of my favorites in both artists output of work, showing a side of the two musical forces that reflects what one might hear if these two were playing together for friends and in the confinements of their homes. With a sound that sounds … Continue reading

Bosnian Rainbows live @ The Troubadour October 25, 2012

All photography from Oliver Walker | Snapshots, Polaroid pictures, photographic stills, memories, pastness; all words that Omar Rodriguez Lopez used to say while describing his music. Whether it be any of his past groups, I don’t need to name them. Alas, Thursday’s performance by Bosnian Rainbows contradicts all the latter terms, this is music … Continue reading


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