Grant Green’s 1964 Blue Note LP ‘Idle Moments’ set for reissue on 180-gram vinyl via Music Matters | Music News

Grant Green was one of Blue Note Records most phenomenal guitar players and his output on the label has become a body of work that is still surfacing in reissue form and appreciated by new generations. With vinyl seeing a resurgence in music purchasing culture, there’s been a large list of releases pulled from the … Continue reading

Grant Green’s 1972 Cobblestone LP ‘Iron City!’ | B.F.T.P. 430

Recorded in 1967 and released in 1972, this is one of our favorite Grant Green albums of all time. The credits mention “Big” John Patton as the organist on the Hammond B3 but there has been a lot of controversy if that is really him. Many believe it was Larry Young, which would make sense … Continue reading

Dol represses Hank Mobley’s 1961 Blue Note LP ‘Workout’ | Music News

Utilizing a very similar rhythm section that Miles Davis would use in the early 60’s and coming from that very system of vast knowledge, Hank Mobley really made a presence in the early 60’s with his full length LP Workout. Grant Green had become a highly sought after guitarist by the time 1960 had shifted … Continue reading

Grant Green “Minor League” (1964) | B.F.T.P. Vol 362

Legendary jazz guitarist Grant Green is one of the most phenomenal musicians in the idiom of jazz to us at SCV. His body of work translates the scriptures of foundations set forth by giants such as Charlie Parker and Charlie Christian. His technique and sense of soul is unmatched. The track we present today comes … Continue reading

Heavenly Sweetness opens up the Blue Note Records vault for more reissues including Elvin Jones, Herbie Hancock, Grant Green, Joe Henderson, Horace Silver and Lee Morgan | Music News

All of the following information was extracted directly from Light in the Attic Records, the label responsible for creating Heavenly Sweetness. The label has presented titles from the Blue Note Records vaults in recent years and this is the best collection that have amassed to date. This is some of the best 60’s and 70’s … Continue reading

“The Best of Hilton Felton 1970-74” Jazzman Records

Washington DC’s Hilton Felton is probably the regions greatest organ player of any period. Steeped in the soul drenched flavor of organ players like Jimmy Smith and Big John Patton, Hilton Felton grooves in a way nobody even touches these days with the exception of a few key players. His introduction into the touring and … Continue reading

B.F.T.P. Vol 301: Big John Patton ‘The Yodel’

Kansas City’s Big John Patton is up next in our Blast From The Past series, highlighting some of the best music from the decades of time that began the age of recorded music. Big John Patton was one of the greatest organist alive, bringing a presence to the Hammon-B3 that solidified its importance in the … Continue reading


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