Free Moral Agents, Sole and Eureka The Butcher live @ Low End Theory | Event Photography

The residents and crew of Low End Theory have contributed a significant amount of energy into the night life of Los Anegles and all over the world. The organization has been recognized as one of the most authentic gateways into modern production and DJ culture for years now and their presence continues to grow. The … Continue reading

Free Moral Agents “Chaine Infinie” Neurotic Yell Records | Official Music Video

Long Beach, CA’s Free Moral Agents have remained a solid unit for a decade now, creating a dreamy experimental pop sound that has been consistently infectious and beautiful. The live shows are in every way memorable and you can feel the emotion pouring out on stage and in their records through every moment. Taking a … Continue reading

Free Moral Agents set to release the new EP “Chaine Infinie” on Neurotic Yell Records | Music News

Free Moral Agents of Long beach, CA are stepping back into the drivers seat with a new release in 2013, this time their first on Neurotic Yell Records. Chaine Infinie is the name of the new album and is an extended single / EP that features 5 new FMA tracks and three separate remixes of … Continue reading

Yellow Bricks Vol 2

Volume 2 is already here in our Yellow Bricks series and we have a brand new set of materials for you to absorb this weekend. So without further introduction, let’s get right into things. Back in 1979, Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent set out to create one of the most timeless modern independent labels with … Continue reading


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