Before Gardens After Gardens, the third full length from Big Sir

Rodriguez Lopez Productions and Sargent House have been expanding on dozens of releases over the last few years with the plethora of artists that exists between the two. Connected at the heart by Cathy Pellow, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and many others, this is a movement of sound and vision that is gaining considerable reputation as progressive … Continue reading

SCV interview with Big Sir of Rodriguez Lopez Productions / Sargent House

An interview is one of the most authentic and honest windows into the hearts and minds of the artists and musicians we’ve come to admire. And, in this particular case… an added dose of humility. Logistics and self-deprecating humor aside, there is no better approach towards familiarizing yourself with the music you know and love, … Continue reading

SCV captures Big Sir performing at the Bootleg Theater last month!

Big Sir was founded in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The group features two musicians that are well known in the Sargent House universe: Lisa Papineau (Pet, ME&LP, Jun Miyake) and Juan Alderete (Vato Negro, Mars Volta, and Racer X). Juan is a seasoned bassist whose abilities shine in both finger picking and fret … Continue reading


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