The Breathing Effect shares “Layers of Thought” from ‘The Breathing Effect’ EP out February 11th on Alpha Pup Records – pre-order now | Music Premiere

The Breathing Effect – The Breathing Effect EP – Alpha Pup Records (2014)

SCV Music Premiere: The Breathing Effect’s “Layers of Thought” – Alpha Pup Records

In a few short weeks, Alpha Pup is set to release the outstanding debut EP from The Breathing Effect, a modern psychedelic soul band with rock, jazz, and electronic influences. Their sound has been described as being somewhere between Soft Machine and Flying Lotus, encompassing a exquisite blend of personality from eras both past and present. When we first caught wind of this amazing group we couldn’t really believe our ears and to say we were blown away would be an understatement. Today, we have the privilege of unveiling a brand new song from The Breathing Effect’s self titled debut EP for Alpha Pup Records.

“Layers of Thought”, the opening tune from The Breathing Effect EP, is a hypnotic, trance-inducing journey filled to the brim with a soulful elegance that is unmatched in this modern era of music creation. The transcendent overtones presented in the song perfectly meld with the soothing low range of the bass and phenomenal drum performance. The symphonic layers of keys and beautifully orchestrated synthesis provide a sonic dreamscape of sorts; a wonderful theme that is present in the whole release. The Breathing Effect is not just raising the bar with this powerful statement, they are truly setting the standard for 2014.

The Breathing Effect EP is available today for pre-order and when you order your copy, you get a free download of this outstanding tune to hold you over until February 11th. Everyone at Sound Colour Vibration is very excited to share with you today, our exclusive premier of “Layers of Thought” by The Breathing Effect.

The Breathing Effect – “Layers of Thought”


From Alpha Pup Records:
Take a fresh breath in and exhale the virtuosic jazz fusion of The Breathing Effect. The brain-child of music students Eli Goss (producer/keys/synth) and Harry Terrell (drums/bass), we witness the mature melding of modern electronic music scenes in congruence with prominent aesthetics of soulful psychedelia from the late ’60s to present day. The Soft Machine meets Flying Lotus. Worldwide release is scheduled for February 11th on the Alpha Pup label.

The Breathing Effect EP track list
1. Layers of Thought
2. Splatter Art
3. Reflections
4. Daydream Prison
5. Losing My Mind

Release information:
Release Date: Feb 11th, 2014
Preorder Date: Jan 28th, 2014
File Under: Electronic/Jazz

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