Nirvana ‘Live and Loud’ (1993) DVD To Be Released + Never Before Seen Rehearsal Footage | Music News

 Nirvana ‘Live and Loud’ (1993) DVD To Be Released + Never Before Seen Rehearsal Footage | Music News

At a warehouse in Seattle known as Pier 48, Nirvana played one of their most historic shows, ‘Live and Loud‘ and recorded over an hour and a half of footage from it. Comprised of 17 songs, Live and Loud is regarded as one of the groups best recorded live shows, and has been celebrated by fans since its original airing on MTV nearly two decades ago. The 24th of this month was the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s final studio album In Utero and in honor of the occasion, Universal Music Group and MTV are releasing the full ‘Live and Loud’ concert on DVD with the inclusion of never before seen live rehearsal footage from the concert.  The footage shows the group at the peak of their career, displaying both the phenomenal musicianship and raw emotive energy they were known for, as well as various behind the scenes moments of the group simply being the band mates they had always been, with joking among themselves during rehearsal, or Kurt banging away on one of the drum kits, etc.

So far, MTV has released a handful of tracks from the concert online, including ‘Heart Shaped Box‘, ‘Rape Me‘, ‘Scentless Aprentice‘, ‘Verry Ape’ (Rehearsal), ‘Radio Friendly Unit Shifter’ (Rehearsal), and ‘Rape Me’ (Rehearsal)all of which will be included on the DVD. ‘Live and Loud’ will also include a whole host of extras, such live footage from Nirvana’s, t.v performances in Paris and Rome, and footage from the 1994 Munich show, one of the groups final performances. ‘Live and Loud’ provides listeners with a transport right back to the days of Nirvana’s final live performances, allowing some of us to relive them, and providing others with a means of experiencing the groups iconic music in a new way, even for the first time. For those who never had the opportunity to experience Nirvana live, this DVD is gold, and keeps the spirit of the band, and In Utero, alive and well twenty years after its historic release.

Live and Loud is available to purchase now as a standalone DVD, and will also be available as part of the Delux 20th Anniversary Reissue of In Utero.


Live and Loud 

1. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (DVD)
2. Drain You (DVD)
3. Breed (DVD)
4. Serve The Servants (DVD)
5. Rape Me (DVD)
6. Sliver (DVD)
7. Pennyroyal Tea (DVD)
8. Scentless Apprentice (DVD)
9. All Apologies (DVD)
10. Heart-Shaped Box (DVD)
11. Blew (DVD)
12. The Man Who Sold The World (DVD)
13. School (DVD)
14. Come As You Are (DVD)
15. Lithium (DVD)
16. About a Girl (DVD)
17. Endless, Nameless (DVD)
18. Very Ape (Live & Loud Rehearsal)(DVD Extras)
19. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Live & Loud Rehearsal)(DVD Extras)
20. Rape Me (Live & Loud Rehearsal)(DVD Extras)
21. Pennyroyal Tea (Live & Loud Rehearsal)(DVD Extras)
22. Heart-Shaped Box (Original Music Video + Director’s Cut)(DVD Extras)
23. Rape Me (Live on ‘Nulle Part Ailleurs’ Paris, France)(DVD Extras)
24. Pennyroyal Tea (Live on ‘Nulle Part Ailleurs’ Paris, France)(DVD Extras)
25. Drain You (Live on ‘Nulle Part Ailleurs’ Paris, France)(DVD Extras)
26. Serve The Servants (Live on ‘Tunnel’ Rome, Italy)(DVD Extras)
27. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Live in Munich, Germany)(DVD Extras)
28. My Best Friend’s Girl (Live in Munich, Germany)(DVD Extras)
29. Drain You (Live in Munich, Germany)(DVD Extras)



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