Elos ‘Kid Him’ on Alpha Pup Records | Music News

Chaz Lewis is a Los Angeles beat-scene slugger representing some of the big dogs in the game right now. As a member of Team Supreme, he drops bombs on a consistent basis for their weekly beat-cypers. He is also here today representing one of the biggest names in the scene, Alpha Pup Records. Elo’s sound is one that you would find in an underground intergalactic nightclub. If you were to take the “Low End Theory” atmosphere and add a Sci-Fi sound to each and every quark in the room at peak hour, you will find Elo’s sound personified. The album title Kid Him comes from an old moniker but don’t let that confuse you, all of the tracks are brand new. ‘Kid Him’ tells the tale of “The discovery of a new direction(,) through a sci-fi tale of loss and isolation.” That leave the minds door open to many wild avenues and adventures but if you are familiar with Elos’ sound.

1. Toy Explosion
2. Healingbeam
3. Wayward We Go (feat. Zackey Force Funk)
4. Zoltan Ship
5. Alligottado
6. Glass Legos
7. Fall Light
8. Cryogenics
9. 3AM
10. Red Band
11. Rondo
12. Cave Theme
13. Topdown
14. Fall Light (Mndsgn Remix)

Take a listen to Elos’ track “DunDeals” from his last release with Alpha Pup, the wild Flying Sky Fortress EP.

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