Matthewdavid releases new ambient cassette ‘Mindflight’ on his Leaving Records | Music News

TAPE ALERT… We just returned to our bodies after listening to the hypnotic state of sound known as Mindflight by Matthewdavid. The good people at Leaving Records have another release to be proud of. I have to say; my mind’s flights have never felt more enjoyable. The experience in auditory bliss is described as an original blend of “dense ambient zonez” created by Matthewdavid. “No beats here,” sorry drum fanatics. These are the sounds that you can have memorable and experiences with and can even lead to states of not being able to recall anything. At the end of the day, this dublab “Labrat” has created some of the most elegant music we have ever heard. As his roster page states, “Matthewdavid’s compositions float like crackling clouds, antenna amplifying the dreams of the city below.”

Mindflight has been pressed in a limited run of screen-printed cassettes (shout out to Hit+Run for the impressive job). The B side is the entire albums contents but backwards and is an entirely new experience of mind bending affects. This is a limited run of 300 with the first 50 packaged in a foil screen-print. Copies won’t last long, grab yours here.

CS, total runtime: 45min per side
Bside is album in reverse
ltd to 300 – first 50 rainbow foil silk-screened, 200 silver-metallic silk-screened



Don’t miss out on Matthewdavid’s recent Boiler Room set from this year, featuring a guest bassist and a plethora of new productions. One of the most pleasing live sets we have seen from the Boiler Room archives.

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