Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program drops first single from new Brainfeeder LP ‘Back on the Planet’ | Music News

August 13th marks the arrival day of Ras G’s latest opus with Brainfeeder, Back On The Planet. Dropping a plethora of materials with labels all over the spectrum of experimental music in the last half decade, Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program are paving the way for some of the best experimental beat music of the 21st century. Compiling tracks for a special Ras G mix this year and it feels like the importance of his catalog will continue to shape its value as time takes its course. Every new album, EP, single and feature he takes part is an entirely different story, culminating in root patterns that have connected his craft over the entire course of his career.

Ras has been been launching out content actively with Matthewdavid’s Leaving Records over the last few years, defining his musings through cassette prints that stand out amongst his body of works to us. Following up with Brainfeeder on his 2009 full length Brotha From Anotha Planet, we anticipate the new double LP from Ras will garnish him his most acclaim to date. With dozens of releases in the physical and digital domain between Brotha From Anotha Planet and Back On The Planet, a world of sound reveals itself and one can only guess what the contents of Back On The Planet will prove to be.

To hold all of us over until the 13th of next month, Pitchfork has exclusively premiered the first single from the new album with the drum centered cosmic beat mantra “All Is Well….” The percussion is just as hypnotic as the bass swells and the cosmic layering of synth, sending us into another dimension of thought and existence. His sonic approach has always elevated us but this song takes things to a much more celestial yet natural state then ever before. This is Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program at their most primitive, raw and celestial. If this is an indication of the vibe to be expected on the rest of the record, Back On The Planet could really make a huge statement in 2013. We have no doubt that it will.


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