Dot ft Mike Parvizi “For Rama” Alpha Pup Records | Music Premiere

When Alpha Pup Records sent us an advanced copy of the debut full length Evolve or Dissolve from multi-instrumentalist / producer Dot, we were in complete astonishment after the first listen. Following up on the Calliope EP (2012), her new record is a progression forward in every possible measure. More expansive fields of space exists between the music, brighter moments of sonic reverence enlarge and a sophisticated and abstract lucid dream world emerges from various intervals of musical influence. Her deep studies into the classical idiom are brought to life, stream lining with the influence of her Low End Theory and Alpha Pup family. Relaxation is comfortably interjected into the melodic flowing layers that ride over powerful rhythms and basslines. A state of duality that reflects the world of Dot more confidently and colorfully then her first EP. Scheduled for release June 25th, Evolve or Dissolve is an album that takes us to a very peaceful plane of existence.

In anticipation of Evolve or Dissolve, Sound Colour Vibration is proud to present an exclusive stream of the track “For Rama.” Featuring Virtual Boy (Alpha Pup) and Penthouse Penthouse (TeamSupreme) multi-instrumentalist Mike Parvizi on a bowed bass, the song drips with emotion and sonic exploration through each of its sections. The intro is embraced with a sentiment of childhood and these sounds underline the fabric of the beat through every measure. The subtle patch in of synth roaming around the mix introduces the smooth flowing bass notes, crystalline synth layers and vibrant drum tracking. The bowed bass rides deep into the low end sections, allowing all of the other layers to radiate intensely from this core. Evolve or Dissolve is a powerful statement from 2013 that has the musical identity and weight to capture the interests of every journalist and fan of this advancing beat movement. “For Rama” is a lovely track and just one side of the equation to the whole in which represents Evolve or Dissolve. Please enjoy our latest music premiere release of 2013 courtesy of Alpha Pup Records.


With a soft-stepping fluidity, pristine melodies and a dreamlike vibe, Dot’s debut LP Evolve or Dissolve sashays into being. Shifting in the space between darkness and light, the release creates a sense of deep reflection with nebulous rhythms, ominous undercurrents and jewel-tone sounds with many sides. – Alpha Pup Records

photo: Theo Jemison

photo: Theo Jemison

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