Eureka The Butcher ‘Music for Mothers’ Rodriguez Lopez Productions | Album Review

Multi-instrumentalist Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez has finally puts his beat chopping skills on the map with his debut, Music for Mothers, through his alter ego solo act, Eureka the Butcher. Known as a familiar face and former member of The Mars Volta and one of the founding members of Zechs Marquise, Marcel has been on the road touring around the world for the past decade or so as a Grammy Award winning keyboardist, percussionist, and drummer. With his live counterpart and dancer, Sadah Luna, Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez sought out to use Eureka the Butcher as his personal solo platform to dabble and experiment with cutting up and engineering unique beats along with being able to perform outside of the full band work that has represented his career. As he claims, this record, thus, is a compilation of his persistent work while on tour with many different acts. More specifically, this record is dedicated to his mother, Frances Sarah Rodriguez-Lopez, for her devoted love, inspiration and musical influence on him, which proves to be the personal driving force of many of these tracks and Marcel’s solo career.

Music for Mothers, released on May 28, features a vast array of signature, synth-crazed, neuro-psychadelic atmospheres and wobbled experimented beats. This record showcases many new effected sounds and electronic instrumentals as well as stemming off of familiar synth sounds and feels from Zechs Marquise’s Getting Paid. “The Home Stretch” jams off of an oscillating bass lead with an unexpected heavy beat that settles in with a very warm and soothing keyboard melody. “Sarah Monster” evokes a very sentimental mood with its smooth and mystifying arpeggiated chords and well fitted intersecting melodic accompaniment. Other notable tracks to check out include “Desert Rituals” and “Barbeque at Channel One”. In addition, the album cover has a very retro design to it and looks like something you would find in your old folk’s record collection.

Regarding more on the album, Marcel states:

“I didn’t want it to be completely selfish and personal though. I want this music to be for all mothers…for all families. I hope that it will inspire other people to make music for their mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. I was given the strength to push through and finish these songs, and I hope these songs give other people the drive to do the same. The drive to gain more knowledge and improve. If my family had not been there to motivate me, if my mom hadn’t pushed me to learn other aspects of music, I would be sampling records and it wouldn’t be as rewarding to me.”

-Hovig Sarkissian

Order a digital copy via Bandcamp by Clicking Here

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