Debut album ‘Sagan Om Ringen’ (1970) from Swedish legend Bo Hansson reissued with Silence | Music News

Before Bo Hansson’s legendary homage record to Lord of the Rings released in 1974, the contents of the LP had already made their way into the public a few years prior with the imprint Silence Records. Released in Sweden in the year of 1970, Sagan Om Ringen is a mind blowing European prog record that is a snap shot of Bo Hansson as he left the very successful organ heavy group Hansson & Karlsson. The album would later be recognized and praised as Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings on the imprint Famous Charisma, reaching certified positions on the charts in the UK and the States. A reissue CD of the original 1970 release of Sagan Om Ringen is hitting record shelves again, seeing a second reissue print from the original 2006 repress. Full details and ordering link below.

Order a copy by Clicking Here

2013 repress. Reissue of what was the first ever release on Silence, initially issued in 1970. This was also the first Bo Hansson album, the Swedish legend known to be one of the earliest to place “space music”. Produced as a tribute to the Tolkien trilogy, this is stunning instrumental psychedelic music, with plush atmospherics — Don’t Fear The Hobbit! This version is the original Swedish titled version, with one bonus track (“Tidiga skisser Från Midgård”); there is also an English-titled version with different bonus tracks. This is a digitally remastered issue from 2001. Performed by: Bo Hansson (Organs, guitar, moog, bass), Rune Carlsson (drums, congas), Gunnar Bergsten (saxophone), Sten Bergman (flute). “Lord of the Rings was released late in the fall of 1970 and became an immediate success. Bo himself was in the midst of a very creative period, new melodies were constantly popping up in his head, so when Lord of the Rings finally got released in other countries there were already three more tracks added compared to the first Swedish issue. In the encyclopedia Guide to Progressive Rock, Bo Hansson is mentioned with reverence and respect. He is the first to play ‘space music’, he is a precursor to the French prog-celebrities Gong and English Henry Cow, and contemporary style-formers as Genesis and Yes. Bo Hansson is an innovator in the most noble sense of the word.”

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