Cross My Heart Hope To Die “Miracles” Alpha Pup Records | Music Premiere

Cross My Heart Hope To Die is a very unique project of sights and sounds between four creative minds that come from distinct sides of the equation. Signed with Los Angeles record label and digital distribution imprint Alpha Pup Records, the groups self titled debut EP is scheduled to drop in the first week of April worldwide. The group comprises legendary Cypress Hill producer and Soul Assassins collective leader DJ Muggs, long time west coast hip hop collaborative vocalist Brevi, producer Andrew Kline and the artistic extensions of mastermind and jack of all trades Sean Bonner. Steeped in dark cinematic hip hop beats and embellished with the sultry, powerful and sexy style of vocalist Brevi, Cross My Heart Hope To Die presents captivating west coast cinematic music that is spellbinding and transfixing on every listen. Haunting melodies are pulled from elegant string work with the presence of the drums really pushing the energy to a new state. Samples are heavily utilized, even pulling to light a very famous King Crimson riff as a main component to one of the tracks. Brevi has been on the scene for awhile, working with west coast hip hop legends such as Xzibit and King T over the years. You can feel her confidence of lineage with music culture as she really makes her presence felt with a multiple octave range.

The final piece to the puzzle is supplied by 21st visionary Sean Bonner. Working in an entirely new medium to present the groups first release, Sean Bonner constructed listening stations  in Los Angeles, New York, Japan and Vienna, placing them in public spaces over the last year that allowed people to open a box and find headphones with the new EP playing. This has been fully documented and is the catalyst to the further extensions of art gallery exhibits and more artistic deviations to this project. The final results of what this will all truly mean as a whole is still unknown and when diving into the website of Sean Bonner, this is a very intentional reality to the Cross My Heart Hope To Die project. In anticipation to this phenomenal piece of work in both micro and macro terms, the good people at Alpha Pup have extended their interests towards our organization with an exclusive premiere. Sound Colour Vibration is very proud to present “Miracles”, the first single from the new EP, as an exclusive stream in our new music premiere series. The new single “Miracles” can also be purchased from iTunes. Find out more about the role Sean Bonner is serving with the Cross My Heart Hope To Die project by clicking here.

From Alpha Pup Records |

Cross My Heart Hope To Die EP
Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: April 2, 2013

Cross My Heart Hope To Die will change your perceptions of art, and challenge your expectations of music. More than just a multimedia project, Cross My Heart Hope To Die has chosen a new path to create something that is truly an experience. The project transcends all musical boundaries – the music exists as just one part of the bigger picture, ever evolving. The foundation of this art collective rests on the balance of each element: art, visuals, music, and the live experience – each as important and on point as the other.

The sound system is the spark caused by the collision of veteran producer DJ Muggs and fellow producer Andrew Kline. With trajectories launched from different musical backgrounds, they shared a love of a dark, cinematic music. The sound is rounded out by the addition of the ethereal songstress, Brevi, who elevates the tracks with her sexy and hauntingly beautiful vocals. Sean Bonner adds an additional, undefinable piece to this artistic enigma. Sean is a curator, hacker and creative technologist with a history in both the fine art and music worlds, he adds an unpredictable element to an already amorphous group.

Cross My Heart Hope To Die – EP is the first release from Cross My Heart Hope To Die, due out April 2 on Alpha Pup Records. Alpha Pup’s roster includes Daedelus, Busdriver, and Dibiase and has been described by XLR8R as “absolutely bursting with talent, it seems like a new mind-blowing record appears every few days.” Cross My Heart Hope To Die – EP features four driving, ethereal songs anchored together by Brevi’s sexy and hauntingly beautiful vocals.

The interactive street art side has been manifesting for almost a year. Unsuspecting pedestrians in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Vienna have been enjoying, and participating in this project – often without even knowing it. Cross My Heart Hope To Die wants to manipulate the way people find music, to bring back the thrill of discovery. Something sorely needed in a digital age where we are constantly bombarded with aural stimulation.

Upcoming gallery exhibitions and a series of videos shot all over the world make it obvious that Cross My Heart Hope To Die is much more than a simple musical project. If this sounds confusing or vague, that’s not unintentional. The answers are there, you just have to find them. Dig deeper.

Track List:

1. Wild Side
2. Miracles
3. Lover
4. Roller Coasting

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