Astronautica ‘Replay Last Night’ Alpha Pup Records | Album Review

The once elusive and mysterious Astronautica is finding way to the surface, gravitating into the ranks of the Alpha Pup family with her debut LP for the label Replay Last Night. With every track, exotic lucid dream states burst like spores out of the speakers as her music transforms into different emotional spectrum’s and rays of light. One moment is strapped into the vortex of another dimension and another you can feel soft soothing breezes, sand in your feet and the shade of palm trees on an isolated beach. Her sonic vocabulary is vast and wide, playing guitar along with sourcing her own rhythms and synthetic worlds through software and other modern mediums. When absorbing Replay Last Night in the different shades of life, it’s sound that feels related to all the varieties of my human experience and those I see around me. Drawing, relaxing, cooking, it has a spirit and attachment that molds itself out of the speaker and around your own aura. Music for the mind, body and spirit that is as celestial and other worldly as it is communicative to all types of people in our most emotionally raw forms.

As her first release with Alpha Pup, Replay Last Night has the lush and organic mastering style of engineer and label co-owner Daddy Kev. His engineering work is an additional sonic feature of the album and has become a vital component for artists all over the current experimental beat scene. Daddy Kev enhanced the size of her sound into something fitting of her cosmically derived name and the size of the universe that represents her concepts and song titles. It’s a fullness that has never been realized in past releases from Astronautica, representing what is her first true example of what she is capable of. Deep swells of bass send shock waves into the lower end registers, opening up a lens with eyes slightly shut and mind completely opened up as if looking deep into a valley from above and in the night. The spacing between instrumentation really allows the small layering and guitar parts to rise and fall in whatever form they please and is the dynamic back bone of the album. You can feel everything as it moves and accents into different areas of the mix. Nothing is dry or stagnant, always creating new imagery by the measure.

Describing this record is an interesting task as it’s the type of album that really puts me into such a comfortable and joyous state where analyzing becomes impossible. It’s almost as if the album pulls you in and refuses to let you leave its world. Music of various challenging degrees can become centered into its own world protected by iron gates and locks. One of the most gratifying qualities about Replay Last Night is that it really lets you feel accepted inside of its easy going melodic formula. Spacing is just as important as the sounds produced and this album speaks volumes in that respect. The song on the album that I have found myself playing over and over for possible mix inclusion into our online radio station is “Something About You”, the ending track on the record. As the albums closer, the dreamy and hypnotic guitar, drums, bass and overtones are mind blowing and really make me sink into the seat and center into an entirely different sense of placement. The mix is heavy and saturated as the guitar glistens with a nostalgia filled resonance. Elegant yet full of a mystique that you can only find in the electronic age. It caps the record off into a mesmerizing bass heavy cyclone of sleek and provocative sonic forms that really defines what Astronautica is all about.

Replay Last Night is an album that I feel demands a good sound system to be properly felt in all its glory and light. It’s a record that I feel will continue to bridge the line between instrumentalists and electronica producers and is one of the most positive and bright sounding pieces of work in the beat scene. This is music that I absolutely love as it puts me into the happiest and most inspiring moods of creativity for projects outside of the website. My favorite Alpha Pup Records release in over a year.

-Erik Otis

Order a copy from Alpha Pup Records by Clicking Here

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