Ohbliv / Dil Withers ‘Split Tape’ | Dirty Tapes

This new split tape from producers Ohbliv of Richmond, VA and Dil Withers of Seattle, WA has been pressed on the Dirty Tapes imprint and has been floating in our minds since it dropped. It’s one of the most potent, majestic and analog driven collections of instrumental music I have heard and has been the one record in the last week or so that I find my friends and colleagues have responded to across the board. With every piece, low end saturates with a crisp essence as loops, samples and synths create a mystic vibe that keeps the beats fat and primal. This is the essence of hip hop production that I have come to love the most and brings back memories of when I was first absorbing the art form in the early 90’s as a youth.

Ohbliv serves up Side A with 16 tracks that all run less than two minutes each. His productions are very open, wide in panoramic scope if you will. Loops wind outward in a sea of emotions as sultry vocals and other over tones create more beautiful surface substance. At the heart is ground shaking beats and bass lines that give the tracks a classic 90’s hip hop feel. It’s very hypnotic music that pulls a lot of influence from hip hop production. Ohbliv has that deep essence track after track where meditation is easy and higher forms of consciousness bleeds through. I love the type of way I respond and feed off it, creating a very tight relationship with my senses and the time capsule of my memory banks for this year.

Dil Withers has a slightly more lo-fi approach, where instrumentation are more merged together in the mix and a primitive and raw beauty rises forth. The heavy state of the music is still very much alive where bass swells and saturated nostalgia filled states of the past shine through clear. Some very old and what sound like 78rpm records are sourced for samples, sending the music through a time portal that goes much further back then 90’s hip hop. Elegance leaves me speechless as the sonic pathways of this talented producer evolves over the 14 tracks that grace the B side of this split.

When analyzed as a whole, it feels good to hear this type of raw instrumental creation. This evokes the spiritual nature of all potent black music with the guided touch of the modern beat makers principles of creation.  This is magic in all the forms the word entails, created for the sake of beauty and preserved through the magnetic inscriptions of this age that we call analog music. Golden hip hop era music of the 90’s brought to the next phase of the 2010’s and what I feel is another shift into the same consistency and level of immaculate music across the board as seen during that golden era.

-Erik Otis



DT002: Ohbliv / Dil Withers Split Tape

Released 01 January 2013
Produced by Ohbliv & Dil Withers
Mixed by Uplift for DIRTY TAPES

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