Celeste Byers | Creator Wave Vol. 42

Creator Wave Volume 42: Celeste Byers
Compiled and conducted by Xavier Vilaplana


This girls art is incredible.

I had the pleasure of hanging with her and showing her around Tijuana for a couple of days for a project known as Coyote.

Coyote consisted of murals being painted all over the city to help inspire education and sensibilities within the community during turbulent political/social times.

Celeste was THE highlight to watch paint. Her work speaks on its own forked or not forked tongue.

We’ve kept in touch.

She dreams a lot and I wonder how it’s possible with the amount of coffee she ingests.


Sound Colour Vibration: What got you into the idea of painting universes within universes, like micro cosmos and such?

Celeste Byers: I am definitely a fan of the cosmos and microcosms within microcosms so perhaps it intuitively comes out because it’s something I’ve hardly ever intentionally made images about but it’s cool to me that you get that from my work. I was driving from LA to San Diego the other day and the weather kept changing and I started thinking about microclimates and realized my car’s air conditioning created a microclimate within the climate’s microclimate and that my mouth was a microclimate within the car’s microclimate. It’s all infinite!

SCV: If you had to choose to live by the beach, desert, or forest forever with one album and one book… what would it be?

CB: Probably at a jungle bordering the beach with a blank notebook and this one CD I burned for myself a few months ago that has a variety of sounds from Santana and Les Rallizes Denudes to Selda Bagcan and my friends in Disappearing People.

SCV: Was your technique something defined by your academic studies or more so your tenacity and practice?

CB: Definitely a combination of both. Before college I’d already drawn a lot and but school helped me refine what I do while I expanded my interests and was pushed to experiment.

SCV: What’s one of your favorite or most memorable dreams?

CB: Oh man, there are so many! My first lucid dream was definitely one of the coolest dreams I’ve ever had. I realized I was dreaming while walking down the street in San Francisco and decided to fly. I was bouncing around and hovering and could make people disappear just by thinking it. I walked into this building with a bunch of children in it and since I knew I was dreaming I remember thinking how weird it was that my mind had put me in a room with a bunch of children. I saw a door and decided that in the next room I wanted to see a unicorn. Before I got there, a little window started opening up next to the door and I could see there was a black unicorn when I’d been expecting a white one.  When I walked into the room, my sister was riding it. The mind can definitely surprise you! After that I forgot I was dreaming and continued on another adventure.

SCV: If you could change one thing in the city of Los Angeles (anything at all), what would it be?

CB: I’ve been really into the idea of edible plants being everywhere lately. L.A. would definitely benefit from growing more of its own food. There are such vast expanses of neighborhoods within the city that are already using water for their lawns and non-edible plants so if we were to replace some of those in order to grow food it would really make a difference. We’d rely less on food shipped from elsewhere, saving gas and money, we’d eat fresher and healthier local food, and if people traded or shared what they grew it would help create a greater sense of community.

SCV: Do you ever fear technology will outgrow natural forests?

CB: No, though we have been a destructive species I have hope we’ll be able to improve technology for good and can therefore save some trees.

SCV: What’s coming up with your projects? What’s one of the things you are most excited about?

CB: I’m working on building myself a better website and just started a project called Terrestrial which is dedicated to spreading the creative exploration of everything native to Earth through original imagery, collected information, and firsthand travel experience. I’ll be releasing books which will include places I’ve been and information on things like rocks and growing plants as well as prints of artwork concerning all that is terrestrial. I’m in the process of creating and putting together the website (which I literally started yesterday) and creating imagery inspired by my latest trip. I’m also pretty stoked about these two large pieces I’m working on of a scene from a dream the other morning and I am also slowly transforming my bathroom into a large abstract painting.

SCV: Coffee or tea?

CB: I am drinking coffee as we speak.

SCV: Do you plan on releasing any prints/products in the future?

CB: Besides the books & prints I told you about, [SIC] Apparel is releasing some shirts with my images on them next month. All images on my website can be ordered as prints in any size. Prices start at $20.

SCV: Where can people see/buy your art?

CB: To see it in person, I have a mural at M-Theory Records in San Diego as well as one at La Catrina in Tijuana. I’m in a group show in Berlin called Animismo in October. I’ll be showing art at Brick and Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco on October 13th for the Sleepy Sun, Glitter Wizard, Juju, & Al Lover & The Haters show. Or they can visit my website at celestebyers.com!


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