Nasty Ways (EPROM & Boreta) “Cyber Snake / Skrakken” | Glass Air Records

Boreta of The Glitch Mob and EPROM have created the new producer group Nasty Ways and are embarking on the release of their first single together on the label Glass Air Records. Futuristic in resonance, “Cyber Snake” backed with “Skrakken” is huge in sound and powers down with the presence of an earthquake. Bass tones are positioned into a megalithic stance, something that is truly out of this world on a good system. Synth is the tapestry of this single and is laid out perfectly around simplistic yet adventurous and shocking rhythmic pathways.

“Cyber Snake” has that rough and rugged feel, with the fattest bass tones imaginable gracing the entire track. This is night music, music that elevates a crowd into oblivion off one bass tone and drum break section. The beat scene is evolving around so many states of derivative styles that it’s astonishing when you can hear the voice of all these producers still. EPROM and Boreta are a perfect match for devastating beat crushing anthems and this collaborative group Nasty Ways feels like the beginning of something huge.

“Skrakken” is just as heavy and saturated into the low end as the front side. With a non stop barrage of pulsating bass tons and a metallic framework of synth, this song sounds like what the future should have caught up to already but still hasn’t. I picture someone in a flying car bumping this type of music. Progressive in the feeling and power it evokes yet simplistic in the format it’s built on, Nasty Ways bring that electronic bass heavy funk like nobody else. Launching in the first week of August, this is going to bleed through speakers across the world once DJ’s get their hands on these cuts.

-Erik Otis

Order from Alpha Pup Records HERE

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