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Nathaniel Eras, or to most ERAS, is a producer from the Los Angeles region who is expanding the boundaries of experimental electronic music in a way that deserves a lot of credit and attention. With a hint towards so many different producers, the brewing pot of every major electronic pocket of sounds comes through in ERAS productions. Cinematic bodies of work that are as majestic as they are intricately composed are juxtaposed with some of the most out of body type of music created in the electronic idiom. The other half of ERAS story shows someone who can gather a world of sounds that comes as raw, ancient, natural and tribal as anything we find in the mystic. With a handful of releases in the world already, ERAS reputation is growing as much as the expansion of sound you can hear from release to release. His latest album is a two part album called Portals for the label Track Number Records. Pressed as a limited edition 10″, each side gives a very different presentation of the musical landscapes ERAS embodies. Boards of Canada, Odd Nosdam, Nosaj Thing, M83, The Gaslamp Killer, Daedelus and so many others ethos are present in what ERAS is doing and it all comes in ghost like phrases and trails, nothing is just a copy. Modeled around a generous amount of synthetic identities and the technology that has brought the electronic world so far, the songs  smooth flowing natural aura never leaves the album and something of a different world emerges because of it.

The first half of Portals feels like a series of futuristic lullaby’s, all sung instrumentally in the most harmonious way. The opening piece “Eros” is smooth and warm and starts the record off in a hazy debris of electronics. As the drum patterns and bass unfold with slow progress, once they come to their fullest state there is a euphoria that enters that really defines how incredible the entire record becomes after it. “Taxa” is even lighter and smoother than the opener, creating an intoxicating set of arrangements that includes guitar for the ride. It’s a very free and happy feeling that comes through this track and is a big reason why the first half of Portals flows like a calm breeze. “Deus” is one of the most unique tracks on the first side with a glowing world that feels like it belongs in a film, not a record. Gently placed remnants of vocals waver over the brightly lit synth that makes the song feel so innocent. It’s hard to describe just how beautiful “Deus” really is.

The second side of Portals is of a different animal and feels like the yang of what was the yin for the first side. Sinister in contact and much more raw than what was present on side one, it feels like a tribal communion when the first track “Oath” takes shape. The sample of a pre 50’s vinyl is looped in doom like direction for the intro of “Oath” and sets the mood into a very different direction. Electronic in origin but much more organic in the results. There is a nostalgic feeling that overcomes “Oath” with drums as dirty as they come. On the track “Coma” the drum and bass hit like something you’d hear out of a low rider and a decade or two ago. The dividing factor that makes this song unique is how lo-fi and otherworldly the beat becomes. It feels like it is almost ripping out from the center, releasing trails of what it once was. The vocals waver over the track much like they do in all of the album with mystery at the heart of its presence. Drum ‘n Bass never sounded this raw, primitive and psychedelic. Portals ends with the smoldering and highly experimental piece “Port”. Six minutes in length, it’s one of the most incredible album closers on any electronic album I have heard this year.

Portals from Los Angeles producer ERAS is something I highly recommend for anyone whose been following the electronic experimental scene.

-Erik Otis

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All Music Written and Recorded By: Nathaniel Eras For Tranzmundane Music ASCAP MMXII.

Mixed and Mastered By: Mark Stone and Nathaniel Eras.

Cover Photography By: Mark McInerney
Insert Photography By: Angel Mendoza

Art Direction/Design By: Track Number Records and Sam Farfsing.

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Artist Info:

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