Portformat “Entropy” | Tokyo Dawn Records

Out today, June 11th is “Entropy” by Portformat. It fits like a fine, black on black space suit with gold cuffs. It is an elegant release mixing together high-end R&B with mysterious hip-hop and spacey electronics, released on Tokyo Dawn Records.

“Entropy” resonates a strong resemblance and similarity to the way Madlib does his crafting and influential work. The tracks are sweet, hit hard (in Portformat’s case, smooth) and hit home. But this release features no dust, no dirt. It is like crispy jeans.

The vocals are a very important part to the release, bringing together all of the beats and skipping glitch noises. The mixes are incredible. Portformat’s ability to mix dubstep with space hop all inside of an R&B space Opera is, to say the least, incredibly original and refreshing.

I highly recommend this release, plus the album cover and art work is gorgeous too. Highlights for me on the release are power duo Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow along with the track “Dubtimistic”. “Tokyo Dawn Records” has an onslaught of spacedelic hipped sound coming from this refreshing release. Another highlight is “Science Fiction” with DistantStarr.

Definitely worth checking out.

-Xavi Vil

Get it here!

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