Dntel “Aimlessness” | Pampa Records

Pampa Records has released Dntel’s “Aimlessness”. A perfect collaboration between free-lance electronics and pop structured melodies with heartbroken realities. On first listen, “Aimlessness” left me wandering around the woods of my own mind, reconstructing past events, past experiences that were both blissful and nostalgic. On second listen, I remembered “Dumb Luck”, an album I always return to.

Dntel has an ability to tame untamable soundscapes. He can make static chaos sound like beautiful ocean melodies playing from the tips of peaking waves. He can take you back to your childhood and let you reminisce in areas long forgotten. He can take you back to the first time you ever fell in love. But it’s a subtle thing.

It isn’t something obvious or clear. It is aimless. It is definite wait. But although moments of being lost can be frightening, in the end, “Aimlessness” makes it clear that it isn’t something to fear but embrace. The confusion of peace and chaos on “waitingfortherest II” is a perfect intro for the expression created on the album. It’s funny to think of it this way, but it is almost like a pre-conceived destiny. As if in those two plus minutes you can trace around the block of an album that is constantly evolving in a way I have never heard electronic music do. I am mainly talking about the freedom of the album. The well-rounded sort of playfulness mixed with wonder, nostalgia, fear and euphoria. It is a sort of awakening of things you might not want but will come along either way. It’s a sort of self-discovery of what was always there.

I can’t express the amazement I have with Dntel’s ability to make things bounce around so purely and fluidly. It is as if a certain form of jazz has taken its toll on electronics while reminiscing on dance and pop at the same time. It is a heady album, especially with loud speakers. The sort of album that might seem accurate for sleep time but if bumped hard enough can cause hallucinations on a platonic, pop level.

“Still” is my favorite track on the album, which is difficult for me to say because every track takes you down a different path into the woods. “Baths” applies his vocals to “Still” creating a haunting effect that can only be balanced with equally as complex and haunting beats. It is an excellent example of progressive sound texture and freedom. This album resonates freedom.

Coming from “The Postal Service” (a severely influential group) I think Jimmy Tamberello has set himself free on these tracks. It is hard for me to compare it to “Dumb Luck” which is an album I absolutely love, but in a way, I am growing to really adore “Aimlessness” as well. It’s a completely different feel, as if Tamberello is ok with the confusion. It is as if he is ok with wandering, and as Bjork says, “Not all who wander are lost.”

A very beautiful record that constantly shimmers through tall trees like the sun.

-Xavier Vilaplana

Get it here!

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