Midday Veil “Integratron” | Translinguistic Other

Translinguistic Other has released “Midday Veil‘s” newest psyched rocket, “Integratron”. It is an intergalactic oddity that was recorded inside of the Integratron. The Integratron is “…an acoustically perfect wooden dome situated on a geomagnetic vortex in the California desert,” according to their bandcamp. Now, what exactly does that mean?

Improvisational chaos and tranquility that comes and goes like a heavy psychedelic infused trip. The whole thing has this sort of extraterrestrial vibe that rings about. Naturally, the geomagnetic center on which the dome is located has much to do with the experimentation done. The idea, all in all, is something original, and should be celebrated. I think it’s the first recording I’ve experienced done from such marvels in the world.

While listening to the songs, I went head first into an emotional roller coaster. At times, everything seemed eerily connected. The reverb within the dome creates an incredibly ambient harmony that seems to heal the body. But as the record progressed, I began to experience anxiety and fear creep over me. The sort of anxiety of what isn’t known but is there none-the-less. There are many moments of power that is unearthly and full. Giant waves of reverb and strange, droned bells that twitch along with the Earth’s gravitational pull. It really is one of those albums that submerges the listener without giving him much of a choice. There are similarities to lots of psychedelic/ambient efforts, but this album seems to have a distinct, spiritual quality about it. Perhaps after the listen, my head was suddenly realigned to the wave lengths of the cosmos. A very interesting listen.

-Xavier Vilaplana

Listen to it here!

Get one of the limited tapes here!

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