Mono/Poly “Killer B’s”

Brainfeeder recording artist Mono/Poly has released Killer B’s, a new EP self released on his official website and what serves as the next chapter in the Mono/Poly sounds. From 2008’s 7″ release Bubble Sort to his debut ep release on the Brainfeeder Manifestations, Mono/Poly has been presenting high quality electronic music in very short doses, keeping us fans wanting more and more. On April 20th, Mono/Poly’s Killer B’s record was released for free to the world and will only stay so for a very short period. Five tracks of electronic sonic terror, immensely heavy rhythmic builds ups and a tapestry of melodic paradise, Killer B’s is one short and intense record that anyone into the modern beat scene will love.

Experimental forays into the modern electro sound, every song hits in the frenetic manner and is highly crafted for a dark and sublime dancing scene. Compositionally, the tracks are pretty minimal in scope with little transitions or pattern changes. Oscillation of set in sequences and the power of the percussion and bass push the muscular nature of the beats to a very different and heightened level than most of his colleagues approach their craft with. The tonality of the glitched out melodies, the electronic percussion and the sampled wordplay on Killer Bee’s make the music really shine and give it a structural metallic feeling that moves it pretty far from any organic compound of sound.

Order this digital only release from

Killer B’s

-Erik Otis

  1. All Across The Planet
  2. The Killers
  3. Swarm
  4. Destruction
  5. Los Angeles

Mono/Poly will be touring heavily in May, full dates here.

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