Martyn “Hello Darkness” Brainfeeder

Brainfeeder’s Martyn released his second full length Ghost People last year to critical acclaim and we really felt it was a beautifully orchestrated and atmospheric ride. It also felt like a new direction for techno, house and other deviations of the rave and electronic scenes. With a darkened and heated essence to the underlining beauty of the melody and rhythms, Martyn’s musical culture and system is preserved and submerged into deep tunnels of jubilant experimentalism that balance the music from the darkness. Martyn is back with a 12″ four song EP on Brainfeeder by the name of Hello Darkness. Full of blissful dance anthems, exquisitely delicate samples, apocalyptic bass lines and exotic rhythms, Hello Darkness finds Martyn and the remix work from L-Vis 1900, Bok Bok and Redshape diving further into the foundations of house, jungle, 2-step, techno and more that defined Martyn’s last long player Ghost People. The title track, ‘Hello Darkness’ and which is a new song to the Martyn discography, is full of massive energy and the bass and rhythm are perfect for any sound system that can hit. For all of those out there looking for a heavy collection of dance music, Martyn’s latest outing Hello Darkness is a 12″ definitely worth picking up. Digital versions come with a heavily edited version of the original title track, ‘Hello Darkness’, which Brainfeeder included into their Soundcloud page.

-Erik Otis

Hello Darkness

  1. Hello Darkness
  2. Bauplan (L-Vis 1900 & Bok Bok Remix)
  3. We Are You In the Future (Redshape Remix)
  4. Hello Darkness (Radio Edit) (*Digital Only)

Order Hello Darkness from Brainfeeder

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