ELOS “Scenes of Life / Electricity” Alpha Pup Records

Bass to the extremes meets the conservatory of experimentalism in a paramount force of energy and head nodding scriptures in sound with the debut full length Scenes of Life / Electricity from ELOS. Released on the pivotal Los Angeles based label Alpha Pup Records, Scenes of Life / Electricity captures serenity and destruction in the rapid form of towering holographic movement in tones inside of a half grimy and half smooth forbidding zone of bass, rhythm and melody. Drums are pulled in layers of procession with the synthetic barrage of loops and instrumentation addition. Every sound crisp, pushing levels to the maximum range of the speaker without holding back, Scenes of Life / Electricity shows a producer pushing the bar even higher, elevating the beat science that has been in evolution since the raw innovations of hip hop’s first producers. ELOS has crafted a new type of album with Scenes of Life / Electricity, showing how the vibration and hard hitting simplicity of the bass and drum tracks can be interwoven around additional layers that shed a much deeper array of complexity and sonic variance. Each track shows either an extreme depth of darkness and doom or an uplifting and elevating anthem of saturated bass and synth. This is music that sounds ferocious on good speakers, an album that kicks out a lot of doors and has some of the fattest tones around.

Scenes of Life / Electricity is an album of shading degrees and of many names, showing how a producer of so many interests and influences can unify it all under the properties of vibrational tones in bass and the sonic rhythm force of the drum. In the opening number, ‘Hermitode’ the anticipated build up creates an atmosphere that left so much to be desired, that when the beat sequences in fully, I became entranced by the quality of over tones and how deep the bass was resonating through my system. Minimal in presentation and composition, the sheer weight of the first track gives the album a relentless and unrestrained feeling. The track ‘Werdz’ brings an exotic flavor into the album, showing a penchant for flavors of sound of Brazilian, a song that is very reminiscent to some of the work created by Flying Lotus created on his Los Angeles LP. Just as much as the album can rely on the heavy end, it also displays a marvelous array of grooves, breaks and harmonic ideas that make the album a really colorful and well thought out record. The song ‘Chao’ shows ELOS presenting a really raw break beat track, diving much deeper into his canon of influence and showing a drumming style that is very different than what the modern electronic scene is bassing their rudiments on. The melody is brilliant on ‘Chao’ and sheds a very different light on the production side of ELOS than most of the record reveals. ‘GT2’ is a song that hits in the bottom end like a Ras G song, presumably a song that will blow speakers out in weak PA’s across the world. The bass rides out on the same note with drone and the bliss of tasteful modulation. ‘Feefa’ was another song that brought in a considerable amount of bass frequencies into the listening session when we broke into this record, something that fell into a very experimental phrasing of wavering obscure shaping of synth that create a meditative ambiance as the mix saturates deeper and deeper from the bass.

The only artists featured on the debut album from ELOS is Zackey Force Funk, who is featured on the track ‘Bloodstain Burial’. Starting out with an 80’s style drum track, the song is smooth as butter and shows a completely different side on the record than any other song. This is the smoothest of the record and shows the love ELOS has for new age west coast funk. A song likle ‘Greenscan’ brings the album into a very psychedelic and symphonic swirling of worlds, where fat electronic synth stabs away at rhythm and tones oscillating around the mix. The end builds in bass once again and creates a huge thrust of momentum into the record. ELOS shows a side of the beat world that points towards producers Odd Nosdam and Jel of Anticon Records with the piece ‘Jawntourage’. Psychotic on the surface and sublime in the center, this is the type of track that builds on the rustiest and grimiest of sounds to orchestra organized chaos with no restrictions. This is the type of off the wall in your face type music that presents a style of beauty that can only be appreciated in the modern age.

Scenes of Life / Electricity has come at a time where reinvention is emanate, as the landscape unfolds and gear doesn’t define artists anymore. To those who love bass music and experimental forays of sound with the overbearing summation of hip hop and electronica, Scenes of Life / Electricity from ELOS is the perfect record for any occasion. Alpha Pup Records has been shaping the landscape for years and the presence of Daddy Kev’s mastering work on Scenes of Life / Electricity creates a stunning collection of songs that your speakers probably aren’t ready for. A must hear hip hop/electronic beat production album.

-Erik Otis

Scenes of Life / Electricity
Alpha Pup Records

  1. Hermitmode
  2. Door
  3. Werdz
  4. Bloodstain Burial (feat. Zackey Force Funk)
  5. Techsmechs
  6. 06] Vom
  7. Feefa
  8. Greenscreen
  9. Sorry
  10. Jawntourage
  11. Chao
  12. GT2
  13. Ties
  14. Beam Cannon
  15. Fireblast

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