LDS 044: Bob Marley private recording “The Yvette Acoustic Tape” 1976

This special tape was recorded in 1976, the year he would be launching into the beginning of the height of his career and would also leave Jamaica from an attempted assassination on his life at his home. Bob Marley had reformed the Wailers in 1974 and the political weight his voice and message carried became heavier by the year. Even the songs of joy and pure celebration of the culture he lives were a defiant uprising to the western world that was absorbing and adopting this lifestyle. Bob Marley was a mystic traveler of this world, planting seed after seed of inspiration and hope that still sits in the hearts of millions today. This tape shows Bob on one of his acoustic guitars working out new ideas and celebrating the heart of the ethos that ran through all of his music. This recording has been in the collectors network for years and we are presenting in celebration of Bob Marley’s birthday today. We hope you find this recording to be as enjoyable as we do.

-Erik Otis

Torrent FLAC:
Download FLAC: Part 1 / Part 2

Bob Marley
The Yvette Acoustic Tape 1976

  1. Are You Ready?
  2. When I Get To You
  3. God of All Ages
  4. Rumors
  5. They Set You Up My Son
  6. Jammin’
  7. Easy Skankin’
  8. Oh What A Day

‘Lively Up Yourself’ Bob Marley Sunsplash 1979

4 Responses to “LDS 044: Bob Marley private recording “The Yvette Acoustic Tape” 1976”
  1. marleyrkives says:

    Timely post! Great blog. I’ve got anything Marley you could imagine, and I share it all. Check me out.

  2. bajando este disco raro, solo he escuchado el God Of All Ages y obvio que los conocidos que aparecen aca.
    Gracias por el aporte y la informacion :)

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