SCV visits the infamous Low End Theory

SCV visits the infamous Low End Theory

Mux Mool, Mike Eagle, dirtRAID + All Residents
(DJ Nobody, Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles, Nocando and Daddy Kev)
Visuals by Major Gape
August 3, 2011
All photos by Oliver Walker
Check out the full set at our FB page HERE

DJ Nobody and Gaslamp Killer got the speakers buzzing Wednesday night. Gaslamp Killer’s taste in music is definitely free-range. A strange mix of Beatles and spaghetti western bass, 808 thump and B-movies, Ozzie classics and xXx. Not to mention world music from Istanbul and ‘No Quarter’ from Tool and a little brand new Hudson Mohawke. “This is Low End Theory,” he announces to a screaming house.

Daddy Kev then rocked out some new Jonwayne before D-Styles took to the stage. D-Styles is incredible and smooth with quick mixes. I do believe I heard a little ‘Trouble On My Mind’ and some Bassnectar.

dirtRAID came on and got real raw. Straight from the monitor, crunchy filth personified. It must take some talent to make such objects sound so good.

DJ Nobody’s set was preceded by an announcement from Nocando that someone was about to get pregnant. The cuts were slick, the breaks were head-bangable. I heard a little Weeknd and a little Drake so the pregnancy rumors were perhaps true; that’s real baby-making music right there.

Mike Eagle definitely makes you think with his lyrics (“I bend the same laws that put a monkey on the moon”) but he also has some treats for the common man striving for success (“High IQ but no credit score”). The ‘Party People Get a Chorus’ and ‘Pop Culture’ is represented with an Aqua-Teen Hunger Force reference. I like his music because I have to listen to it again and again, it’s crafted that well to demand it.

Then Daddy Kev came at us again, select cuts and precise slices dazzling the ear. I think he got the biggest rise of the night from the crowd with his signature slinging of digital aggregate. Summoning sounds out of an iPad, he rocked back and forth like I imagine Hendrix would with a guitar. He even brought a little classic rock sound to the party when he cut into The Entrance Bands ‘Grim Reaper Blues‘ for a little bit, which was a personal highlight for me. The Entrance Band + Daddy Kev = Madness.

Mux Mool should make movie soundtracks as his pacing is incredible. His set was a performance as opposed to fitting as many fist raising anthems into his time slot as possible. But when he is ready for it to hit, he lets it hit hard.

After that, Gaslamp Killer came back with more of his eclectic selections, but we shouldn’t have been surprised because he warned us via twitter earlier in the day. Gaslamp Killer was still up there destroying it with NoCanDo when I had to jet out. Select clips from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Holy Mountain” played on the projector screen as as my sweat solidified in the cool Los Angeles air. – Oliver Walker

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