Sequential Spotlight #01: Massimiliano Frezzato’s The Keepers of the Maser

Sequential Spotlight #01

Massimiliano Frezzato
The Keepers of the Maser

Welcome to the newest addition to Sound Colour Vibration with the series titled “Sequential Spotlight”.   The art of comic story-telling is one that is immensely under-appreciated these days, an under-appreciation we will help remove as this series grows with more articles, interviews and exclusive content. I firmly believe we are on the cusp of a creative renaissance right now that also includes some amazing sequential art being created by incredibly talented individuals. Every week I will spotlight Sequential Art that I personally think is worthy of some props and recognition. If you are asking what sequential art is, don’t worry. “Sequential art refers to the art form of using a train of images deployed in sequenc to graphic storytelling or convey information”.  Basically it’s a fancy way of saying comics.  I will feature impressive and inspiring new works that I come across as well as classics from the masters of this art medium.
-Arsia Rozegar, April 2011

 Arsia Rozegar has worked professionally in the comic book industry since 1999. Working primarily as a digital colorist on popular titles for Marvel Comics such as The Hulk and Iron Man, his resume extends into many different art forms & outlets of creativity.   His most recent comic projects he is involved in is the first issue of EPIC  and the late Dave Cockrum’s final Futurians story.

Now to our first article in this new series @ Sacvs

Massimiliano Frezzato (not to be confused with Frank Frazzeta) is an Italian comic creator best known for his highly-acclaimed series, The Keepers of the Maser (published by Heavy Metal). I first saw his art at the San Diego Comic Con Heavy Metal booth many years ago. All it took was a few glances of those pages, and I immediately had to own all his hardcover books.

With his use of incredibly expressive faces, brilliant colors, and amazing backgrounds, Frezzato is a testament to how exceptional sequential art can truly be.
His website:

Volume 1 of Frezzato’s Master series can be found HERE

A fan of all forms of creative expression, Arsia Rozegar got into comic books and the artform of sequential story-telling as a young kid. Eventually he found his way as a professional comic book creator working primarily as a Colorist on countless pages for major comic book companies like Marvel, Image, Top Cow, Todd McFarlane Productions and Zenescope.

His website can be found at or you can follow him on twitter

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