Creator Wave Volume 24: Arik Roper

Creator Wave: Humans are vessels gifted with the ability to translate cosmic energies in order to express it creatively. Every creative expression has been motivated by some kind of inner voice. Creator Wave is designed to highlight the artistic momentum exerted by the human soul. Showcasing visual art from all types of artists – from the recognized and established to the relatively obscure.

Creator Wave Vol 24: Arik Roper

Arik Roper is all over modern art and music culture and we are very pleased to present this series of pictures from little known and never before seen works from this visual artists. Creator Wave is now beginning its third batch of releases and will be presenting once a week many articles covering artists who have agreed to be in our online art gallery. Take a moment to read the bio pulled from his website nd the pieces he sent us to include in this post. ~ Erik Otis

Bio on Arik Roper:

Arik Moonhawk Roper was born in 1973 in New York City, grew up in Richmond, Virginia, then returned to New York to attend the School of Visual Arts from 1991-1995. Since then he has built a universe of strange and familiar fantasy, horror, surreal, and psychedelic imagery. After starting out creating record and cd covers for a variety of bands, and various gigs in the commercial art world, he has continued onward and into more diverse areas of poster design and graphic illustration, and animation.

Partial client list.
Tee Pee Records, Sony/Columbia Records, MTV Animation, Nike, Espn, Airwalk, Volcom, RCA Records, Magnolia Pictures, Centigrade Aquatic, Nepenthes, Needles, Arthur Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Guitar World Magazine, Bill Graham Presents, Conscious Alliance, Drag City Records, Meteor City Records, Birdman Records, Rocket Records, Rise Above Records, Southern Lord Records, Strange Attractor Journal, Nickelodeon, Relapse Records, Real Skateboards, Alien Workshop Skateboards, Bravado Merchandising, Rawkus Records, Instant Live Productions, Sound@1 Productions, Weiden and Kennedy, Alternative Tentacles Records, Vice Magazine, Rockers NYC, Black Dirt Studio, Mishka, Thrill Jockey Records, Harry N. Abrams, E1 Entertainment, Warner Bros. , Pacific Northwest FIlms, Burton, Atomic skis.

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