Creator Wave Vol. 22: HLG

Creator Wave: Humans are vessels gifted with the ability to translate cosmic energies in order to express it creatively. Every creative expression has been motivated by some kind of inner voice. Creator Wave is designed to highlight the artistic momentum exerted by the human soul. Showcasing visual art from all types of artists – from the recognized and established to the relatively obscure.

Creator Wave Vol 22: HLG

Bio: HLG is the mononymous spiritual alias for Sweden’s multifarious artist Martin Helge, currently residing in Berlin. His artistic expression is baptised in the name of Reversed Sami Magickal Dreamcatching and has many variabels and personalities. It is a puzzle without words, a pyramid without angles and a crooked straight line. He is influenced by sublime alchemy, reversed psychology and abstract mental images, combined with fluent semi-nomadic thoughts and subconscious force fields. Improvisation, rightful wrong-doing and megaproductiveness is something he thrives on.

The power of thinking outloud and speaking without words; the equally electric and eclectic supernatural force of just being climactic and smart; the constant pushing and pulling of thinking about doing vs not doing is the strongest motivation behind his art.

He specializes in drawings, but sometimes he paints or prints. He also enjoys the mental bending of the Self that comes from improvised chaotic collaborations with other likeminded artists. He seeks to fill all the negative space in space and the holes in time, by closely intertwining his imagery with the darker aspects of the bright side of life in darkness.

HLG is nothing but sick and tired of digitalismus. He seeks to deconstruct the cold and sterile void in which most of modern life seems to take place; the Internet, but he also uses it while smiling.

In analogue life he is currently working on the SFNX project, a blog that slowly mutates into a book, a zine and some kind of exhibition. He recently started exploring tattooing others as well as himself. He is also working on collaboration books with Billy Sprague, EKTA, DEM, Jon Vaughn, Peter Larsson, the Tar…Feathers collective and many others. He also designs flyers, posters, record covers etc. He lacks a “real” art education, but seriosly, who cares?!?!

2 Responses to “Creator Wave Vol. 22: HLG”
  1. all this shit is dope brothah!!!!!!! keep it all up!

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