SCV Interview with San Francisco artist Chor Boogie

Chor Boogie is an incredible graffiti artist with works all over the world. Based out of San Francisco, he has gained recognition for his works in many areas of his craft and experiences, building a résumé that goes beyond just names and the typical status markers. Chor Boogie is creating a body of work that is molding its way into art history for this current age. A true established international artist constantly on the move, Chor Boogie is bringing a heightened sense of graffiti art on the side of beautiful creations, love and marvels of human manifestation and technique. At Sound Colour Vibration we have the deepest respect for his level of talent, creativity, passion and insight, we are very proud to present an interview we recently did with Chor Boogie. ~ Erik Otis 

Having travelled as extensively around the world as you have for commissioned works, what is a common thread that is in all artists you have met in the world regardless of race or environment?

I would have to say the common thread amongst artists around the world is just ..THAT..ART..all the artists i have met all have that creative niche simply because they are artists.. and believe in what they do some more insecure than others and some just waiting for the right guidance but overall they still create and that’s all that matters. I would also have to say with in this genre of artists the most of all in simple relation have there culture and what i mean by culture is the fact of what medium they use in a sense of relation and how they have there own understanding from it whether they are from the streets or not .. the mediums is what brings them together.

Do you conceptualize your pieces before hand or do they come to you in a more free flowing manner?

I do not conceptualize before i create .. very rarely depending on what I’m doing, but most commonly i create from mind heart body soul spirit universe back to home and just let the creative process just take its course simply because its more fun that way letting the creative process take control not knowing what to expect ..if anything that’s what makes sense to me as an artist.

Graffiti is your main medium for your works, when did you fist start practicing and what motivated you to take such a route in life?

Graffiti is not my medium Spray Paint roots are in the street bombing or vandalizing scene about 20 years ago but over time adapted to change and since the age of 5 predicted i was going to be an artist when i grew up and from there dabbled in some illegal activity but never pursued it like most simply because i have grown up and decided to make a living off what i love to do and that is be an artist that paints with spray paint. As far as motivation cats like Vulcan, Phase2, local mentors from the city of San Diego from which i grew up like Coma, Saratoga Sake.. but mainly seeing the colors in the aqueducts when i was really young and the pieces just had a grip on me and I wanted to be apart of it.

What areas of this world influence your approach to creating outside of the art world?

Simply when it comes to influence especially now a days ..i turn with in.. reason being is on the fact of showing both worlds something original since they have seen it all before.. now its time to basically show them both something NEW.

How has living in San Francisco influenced the way you make your pieces?

I Cant really say San Francisco had an influence ..but i can Say a really good friend of mine who i consider a BROTHER .. APEX .. definitely had an an influence on some artistic approaches of mine we still influence each other.. that’s the beauty of friendship but ultimately San Francisco is a creative Hub of Natural Ideas .. which is influential with in it self.

What role do you feel art plays in how human beings are affected and progress on a collective level?

Art is one of the keys to survival.. reason being on a simple fact of everything around us is a creation of equality.. everything around us was developed manufactured created in some way shape or form …we just do not acknowledge it that way because we take things for granted rather than the real reason for what they really are. so when it comes to a collective level in all senses of the word creation or art .. WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS ALONE .. so the term collective is what we do naturally..

What projects do you have lined up for this year and the next?

Well there are allot of things boiling up .ART BASEL and having a show with my boys Apex and Jet Martinez at Syracuse University, just to name a few can’t reveal all the goodies..

Personally, what is the most rewarding feature of your artistic career?

Up to date.. painting the Berlin Wall ..that’s one of the many highlights of my career ..bringing art history to a piece of History it self..

What has your art done for you throughout your lifetime?

My art in my lifetime is where it needs to be right now and honestly my ART saved my life. That’s the best thing it could do for me.

Are there any unreleased collaborations that you’ve kept in the vault/on the shelf that we haven’t seen? If so, who?

No .. i have no secrets..

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